" Take care of your body, it's the only place you have to live"

Minor or chronic pain

Modern day life styles often mean we spend the majority of our days either sat at a desk or standing in the same positions.


In a effort to combat this sedentary way we then throw on our gym gear, a pair of trainers and hit our training hard or we are simply too exhausted that we just hit the sofa instead!

Gradually and often without us even noticing, minor and chronic aches and pains begin develop, our muscles and posture start to adapt to the occupational stresses and before we know it we can no longer do the things we love! 

A bespoke treatment

My clients each have their own WHY for choosing to book their soft tissue therapy treatment. Everyone’s body and lifestyles are different, therefore the treatment you receive will be personalised to your needs and goals. 

Following a complete postural assessment and treatment you will receive your own bespoke home based exercise plan to start you on your journey to getting back to doing what you love. 


You may choose soft tissue therapy to maintain your current health and wellbeing. Whatever your reason – Soft Tissue therapy can help!

What will my treatment involve?

Deep Tissue Massage

Massage warms the muscles and tissue and helps relieve pain

Soft Tissue Release

Relieves local areas of muscles tightness

Muscle Energy Techniques

Restore the muscles and fascia to their original length and provides a feeling of stretch

Myofacial Release

Releases localised myofascial areas of tension- great for areas that are highly sensitive. Instruments maybe used such as cupping or a fascial tool. 

Medical Accupuncture

Different to Chinese acupuncture in that muscles are the target of the needles. Used to treat muscular pain and injury

Trigger Point Therapy

Focused neuromuscular techniques on specific painful regions in muscles


Helps treat scar tissue following injury or surgery

Kinesiology Taping

KT application can sometimes be used depending on the injury

Home based exercise

Bespoke electronic home based exercise plan. Video links are provided to ensure exercises are easy to follow