As a client of Sophie Cooke, Soft Tissue Therapy I hereby consent to:

Sophie Cooke Soft Tissue Therapy fully complies with the most up to date Data Protection Policy and has a transparent approach to Data Processing which empowers individuals to know about the collection and use of their personal data. We collect data for ensuring we have the right information for assessing your suitability to treatment, for completing the appropriate treatment, for contacting you regarding appointment follow-ups and for a referral to GP or other healthcare practitioners if deemed necessary. Your data may be viewed by clinic staff to ensure continuity of care is given and for standards clinic running purposes. In addition, the data may also be shared with NHS Trace and Test if required to minimise the spread of Covid-19. We collect only data that is relevant to those purposes, and we keep it for 7 years. All information held will be treated as strictly confidential and will only be released to any other external party with the consent of the client.

Personal information will include my Name, Address, Date of Birth, Contact details, Medical history and Doctor information. This data will be kept in a secure file for 7 years after my last visit to the clinic.

You have Individual Rights under the Data Protection act 2018:

  • To be informed about the personal data we hold on you
  • To access your personal data
  • To object to the processing of your personal data
  • Restrict the processing of your personal data
  • To rectify your personal data
  • To erase your personal data

All the data collected is necessary to ensure the safe performance of treatments for each client, in case any issues, allergies or problems arise. Contact details are required in case of emergency or to rearrange, cancel or confirm/remind an appointment.

I understand that my personal data will not be shared or sold to any third parties and should my personal data be lost or stolen I will be informed immediately. I agree to my data being stored in a locked cabinet or on a safe electronic device and trust that my data can be recovered if necessary.

I understand that I can opt out of this GDPR contract, but in doing so means I will no longer be able to have treatments at Sophie Cooke, Soft Tissue Therapy. If I wish to opt out I will do so inwriting to Sophie Cooke, Lapwing House, Cold Ash Hill, RG18 9NX. I agree to my collected data being stored for the legal required time for insurance reasons and trust that it will be disposed of accordingly. I agree to review this GDPR contract on a yearly basis and update any changes to my personal data.

I give my consent to be contacted by Sophie Cooke, Soft Tissue Therapy via Phone call, Text message, WhatsApp, Email, Facebook Messenger, Twitter or Instagram. I understand that I will be contacted for promotional offers or should my appointment need to be confirmed, reminded, changed or cancelled. I understand that my data will be stored on Rehab my patient for me to receive exercise advice sheets from Sophie Cooke at Sophie Cooke Soft Tissue Therapy.

I agree to the use of Photographs for social media platform such as Facebook or Instagram but trust my identity will never be revealed by Sophie Cooke, Soft Tissue Therapy.