Treatments, classes & PRICING

Initial consultation & treatment

For new clients. 

During your initial consultation & treatment a full medical history will be taken, postural assessment, muscular and joint range of movement tests with a full treatment. 


70 Minutes 


follow up treatment

45 minutes would normally be recommended for smaller areas of focus such as hand /forearm/ foot pain. 

60 minutes is the typical time clients book for.

45 minutes or 60 Minutes 

£49 or £53

Combined soft tissue therpy treatment with 1:1 Pilates

A 45 minute combined treatment session split between soft tissue therapy to relax the muscles and connective tissue followed by a 1:1 focused Pilates rehab session to provide targeted strengthening.

This is typically for people with back, neck or shoulder pain

45 minutes 



Acupuncture is proven to be fantastic for relieving muscular pain. 

Choose this treatment if you want your pain solely treated with acupuncture.


45 minutes


kinesiology taping

Kinesiology taping is typically used for injuries to help heal an muscle or area.

Tape can also be applied prior to a sporting event.


15 minutes


online consultation & rehab program


If you are unable to get to us in person why not book an online consultation. Once you have made your booking you will automatically receive a link to your video appointment.

During your appointment we will discuss your medical history, pain, carry out muscular assessments and  stretches.

Following your appointment you will receive a bespoke home based video exercise plan.



30 minutes


pilates classes - Therapist led


My unique Pilates classes will allow you to begin Pilates from any level of pain or fitness. 

A beginners 6 week programme can be booked where a gradual progression towards normal functional movement and strength will be at the centre of the lesson. 

Our Online classes run all year round with face to face classes running term time only in the studio. For more dates please click the online group class button on the right or head to the Pilates classes tab to see the class timetable. 

1:1 classes can book booked in clinic – please call me to discuss your needs.





1 hour

£8 / class (£48 for 6 week block) – ONLINE

£11 / Class (£66 for 6 week block) –  @ Thatcham House Studio